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The competition program

International festival of portraiture "Art Portrait" 

Dates of the exhibition in Moscow: December 9-15, 2021
REGISTRATION DEADLINE: until November 30, 2021 inclusive
Exhibition address: Exhibition Hall of the Eurasian Art Union - Gallery of Contemporary Art "Eurasium" (address: Moscow, Andropova Ave., 17, building 1)

Opening ceremony: December 9, 2021, 18.00,
Announcement of the winners: December 15, 2021, 18.00.

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 There are two ways of participation: IN ABSENTIA (online) and IN PERSON (full-time).





The program of the international exhibition & competition portraiture includes:
  1. International Painting Portrait Competition (Painting Portrait)
  2. International Graphic Portrait Competition (Graphic Portrait)
  3. International Competition of Sculptural Portrait (Sculptural Portrait)
  4. International Competition of Textile Portrait (Textile Portrait)
  5. International Portrait Competition in Arts & Crafts (Crafts Portrait)
  6. International Competition of Portrait Photography (Photography Portrait)
Expert Council / Jury  
 The Expert Council is composed of the following professional groups:
a) well-known artists of portraiture;
b) representatives of the specialized media;
c) representatives of galleries and organizations;
g) art historians and art patrons.


Professional categories


1) "Student" category: university, high school, college students and graduates (no longer than 2 years ago)
2) "Professional" category: practitioners in arts, professors, organizations, graduates (more than 2 years ago)
3) "Amateur" category: people whose hobby is art, without special art education.
These categories are exposed and appraised separately.


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